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Did it actually cure you to the point of your antibodies going away and the beta cells being healed, or did it just get you off insulin??

off insulin including basil insulin

Okay, well then that’s not being cured of diabetes. If you have type one and the antibodies are there, you can never get rid of it. It’s great for you that you no longer need to inject insulin, but that is COMPLETELY different from curing the disease. This diet is not possible for all people, and it will not work the same way for everyone. So while, yes, reducing your food and carb intake to a vegan diet and adding exercise will reduce your insulin needs and keep your blood sugar in line, for some people their levels are just way too out of control for that to work.

Since you are no longer on insulin, are you still checking your sugars regularly? Do you still need to go see an endo? Do you still experience hypoglycemia?

I’m honestly curious now. :P


Scumbag immune system..



Scumbag immune system..



HALLE BERRY cures diabetes Type 1 [insulin’s lowered] cured to a Type 2 Diabetic [insulin resistant]

Controlling diabetes through diet and exercise is NOT a cure! It is merely that- a means of controlling the disease. This is something that is not possible for every diabetic- no matter what we do, sometimes insulin is a requirement. So please, oh PLEASE stop shoving things like this in the faces of other diabetics. Diabetes is a completely unpredictable disease, and it is different for everyone. If a certain diet or exercise program works for you and keeps you off insulin shots, that’s fantastic for you. But everyone is different, so stop being a bully to the rest of us.

Today is my 10 year diabetic anniversary.



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I have been bouncing between the 200s and the 50s all day today. It’s miserable, and I can’t even talk to my friends about it. They’re too busy complaining about their own physical crap and I don’t want to be an attention seeker. This is a no-win situation for me right now……


regainingmydreams asked: Hey! I'm a type 1 diabetic college student as well!!

Hey! XD


omgitsmoe asked: Virginia diabetic college student :)

Hi!!! :D

2 days …


For two days now, I have:

  • Tested my blood sugar before eating anything.
  • Done my carb counting correctly.
  • Injected all of my insulin.

No joke, this hasn’t happened in over a year.


1 hot pretzel + 3 small brownies + forgetting to take insulin = 300 blood sugar